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  1. Sorry just please answer me 1 more question 1) Can i have this plugin for free just for 3-4 days ? Just to check it and be sure before buy it.
  2. Thanks a lot for the answers. I will buy the plugin . Thanks again
  3. Hello I want to buy , wp reviews pro and i need an answer for two questions please. 1)I want to create 10 pages for 10 different services (with user reviews). Is that possible to have an average on my home page (average for each) ??? 2) Is that possible that someone leaves a review using his facebook profile ? Thanks a lot I hope to have this super iportant tool on my hands , but i expect your answers.
  4. Hello am about to buy the WP Review Pro but i need to know (to be sure) that the next 3 features are possible : Am gonna make a blog - site about 10 schools . Each school is gonna have a different page on my website with reviews from past students. 1) Can i have in my Home Page a total average for each school ? 2) Is that possible , that the students (users of my site) make a review using their Facebook profile also ? 3) Can i have in my Home the latest (e.g. 5) reviews of my whole site ? 4) Can i check that every student makes only one (unique) review ? Other t
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