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  1. Hi, the plugin is working great! I want to change the color of the "successful subscribe message." So after a person enters their email address and hits SIGN UP NOW, the thank you message that pops up is in white, and I want to change it. Here is my website: www.thewayofthewrap.com And this is the code I am trying to use, but it's not working: /*Subscribe Message*/ #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe .subscribe-message { font-color: #000000; } Thanks for your help!
  2. [WP Subscribe] Left align subscribe box

    PERFECT!!! You guys are the best. I didn't rate the plugin just yet, please send me the link so I can! Thanks again!!!!
  3. Hi, your plugin is great! I'm using it in the footer of two of my websites 1) www.iamallmelanin.party 2) www.thewayofthewrap.com For both website, I want to align the Email Field and the Subscribe Box to the left, so it lines up with the word "Subscribe." Also, can you help me shift it up some so there is no gap or space? Thanks!!!
  4. [WP Subscribe] How to Remove Space for Title

    Worked perfectly! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. [WP Subscribe] How to Remove Space for Title

    Yes, I removed it from the sidebar. It is in my footer, as it was from the very beginning. Please check my website. I would rather not provide login details.
  6. [WP Subscribe] How to Remove Space for Title

    SORRY!!! I was doing some testing with other plugins I have and forgot to add it back. Please check now! Thanks!
  7. [WP Subscribe] How to Remove Space for Title

    Sorry, I had removed it and used Jetpack while I was doing some other edits. 1) I had that CSS in their before, and the problem is that the space where H4 is supposed to be is still there. I want to make the entire box shorter. If you take a look at my footer, you'll see I have 3 headers: Contact Us, Subscribe, and Instagram. The body of "Contact us" and "Instagram" are at the same height, but the body of "Subscribe" is too far down, because of the h4 space. The first footer I have "THIS IS EXAMPLE" is the jetpack blog subscribe widget. I want to make your widget look exactly like that. How can I do that? 2) Also, as you can see I have some CSS to modify the colors of your widget. In the footer, it comes out perfectly: white text with no background. I added this CSS for the sidebar widget, but it's not working: /*Sidebar Subscribe Colors*/ #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-2 { font-color: #000000; background: none; } Please help! Thank you!
  8. [WP Subscribe] How to Remove Space for Title

    sure iamallmelanin.party
  9. Hi, I want to remove the title of this widget. Not just the words, but the entire space, so that the widget box is shorter, like this: Sign up not for the latest news. Field: enter your email Button: submit I attached a photo as well. I want to hide to whole space that says "HIDE THIS." How can I do this?