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  1. Support forums are all what you need. This is not just you with the supporter. But there are others who further question the same problem. This is a forum, not a face-to-face channel. Well, if you want to start a website (for blogging, business or shopping ...), get a theme and some plugins. You will have a nice website with this support forum. Personally I'm a blogger. I have now stopped writing personal blogs and switched to writing business. I will continue writing personal blogs in the future. My first step was to do a forum. Yes, I enjoyed the forum. I have a small suggestion: Mythemeshop should invest some extra theme even more. The sales theme is similar to Gotrips in the themeforest or magazine theme such as Colormag in Themegrill. Be innovative and superior, newest. Many people are willing to spend money to use your service for many years with such innovations.