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  1. [GreenChilli] Remove Go to from the menu

    Hi good morning. It works. Many many thanks again Very helpful
  2. Hi, I am using Mega Menu plugin and everthing is ok except for one thing. When I open my web page on a mobile device, "Go To" appears under the menu. I would like to remove "Go To". I attached an image as a sample. It is marked in red. Many many thanks for help
  3. Very Quick and brilliant service

    The Support team helps me more than I think. Even more they gave me new ideas with my blog. They are brilliant
  4. Yes. I think that´s problem. Many Many thanks
  5. It workssss Sorry I have one more question. I hope the last one, Maybe it is nothing to do with the above. The problem is: I am not able to align Images and Text in some pages like for example: in the main page or Shop online (using Woocommerce) (attached 2 images) Any Idea?. Many many thanks for the help
  6. ohhhh Sorry again One little problem now After adding the code you give me the thing is the title does not take all the width. only half. Just check please in (it happens with all Titles) Many many thanks again
  7. uauauauauau Fantasticccccc. brilliant Everything was fixed!!!!!! Veryyy happy. Millions of thanksssss!!!!!
  8. uauauau I was fixedddd. Thankkkkksss. You are briliant. so quick!! Sorry one more question: It happens the same problem when I go to Search Box and I try to look for something. For example if I write down the word "Batman" in Search Box this is what happens: How can I fix this? Many many thankssss again
  9. Hi good morning, The thing is I have changed my main page (it is now a static page) and I have made one new page for the blog. The problem is that in this new page created for the blog the images are sooo big!!! It is not nice to see them in that way. Have a look to the problem in the link: How can I fix that? Many many thanks for the help
  10. [GreenChilli] Header image slider

    Hi. I got it and it works for the moment Many many thanksss
  11. [GreenChilli] Header image slider

    sorry again I said that I am a totally beginner. I dont know how to create a ChidTheme. I know is in "wp-content" but I dont know how to go there help please?
  12. Hi Firstofall I have to say that I am a beginner and secondly is that english is not my native language () but I do my best. My theme is Green Chilli I am desperate trying to put a Header image slider (exactly like the image attached), but I dont know how to do it. (That´s not my web page) I am using Metaslider to create the slider but it seems that it never works. I think I have to put same PHP code but I dont know how or where. Any Idea, please? Thank you for all the help in advance