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  1. [Point] Optional 'below post content'

    Excellent, that's worked a treat. Many thanks
  2. [Point] Optional 'below post content'

    OK But the posts i will want to remove the code from will be the posts i have not created yet. If i give you a post for you to show me the CSS, then from that won't I be able to work out how to do it on future posts myself? Here's a post that you can remove the ad section from: https://fitnessrepetition.com/10-emom-workouts-send-your-crossfit-progress-into-overdrive/ post id = 7314 Thanks
  3. [Point] Optional 'below post content'

    Hi I have added the ad code manually into the "Ad Code - Below Post Content" input box, as shown in the previous attachment. When this is done, it enables the ad code to be loaded directly under the post on every published post. What i want is to have the code be loaded only on selected posts. Or, for the code to be disabled only on selected posts. Hope that makes sense, let me know if not Thanks
  4. [Point] Optional 'below post content'

    Hi yes of course, sorry. The area i'm referring to is not the Related Posts area, the full name is 'Ad code - Below Post Content'. See attached to see where i've sectioned this out (URL = https://fitnessrepetition.com/5-expert-tips-to-master-the-hardest-skill-of-the-snatch/). Attached also is where I change the options for this section, ie, Customize > Theme Options > Single Post Settings Let me know if you are unsure of what i'm trying to achieve. Many thanks
  5. Hello I was hoping for a way to have some posts with the 'below post content' section showing, while also having some posts without it showing. At the moment i can only have it either showing on all posts or none at all. Is this possible to do? If so, how would achieve this? Many thanks
  6. [Point] Successfully made site wider but now images have gaps

    Hi I have done as requested. Thanks
  7. [Point] Successfully made site wider but now images have gaps

    Hello I have replace the code as advised. Please see live version. This is better than it was, but is it possible to easily get rid of the white spacing between the images? Many thanks
  8. [Point] Successfully made site wider but now images have gaps

    I've done that, but it's not working. Please see the current homepage. I have change the numbers in the code, every which way i can, but still can't get it right. The closest i can get is this: and that is with the following CSS: .secondpost img, .thirdpost img { width: 100%; } @media screen and (min-width: 1090px){ .secondpost.excerpt { width: 32.0%; } .thirdpost.excerpt { width: 14.9%; }} and the following code: add_image_size( 'bigthumb', 650, 315, true ); //Big thumb for featured area add_image_size( 'mediumthumb', 270, 200, true ); //Medium thumb for featured area add_image_size( 'smallthumb', 130, 100, true ); //Small thumb for featured area At no point have i reduced the actual white spacing. If i increase the dimensions in the core files then they cease to get bigger and just stay at their max size, still white the white space - and - if i increase the CSS code figures, then the 2nd/3rd elements move onto the next line just as the homepage is now. :/ Thanks
  9. [Point] Successfully made site wider but now images have gaps

    Hi I've put the code in and it has changed the sizes, and solved the title overlap issue. But the images are still not flush against each other. I've played around with the numbers in the code you provided, but the spacing never closes. I have the code in the live version of the site now, so you can see the results. If it would be easier for you to login and play with it, then that would be OK with me! Thanks!
  10. [Point] Successfully made site wider but now images have gaps

    Hi, Sure, the site is: fitnessrepetition.com Thanks
  11. Hi, I've used the following CSS to make the site wider (so that i could show the wider ads on desktop in the post content): .main-container { max-width: 1070px; } .site-header { max-width: 1070px; } #page { max-width: 1070px; } But this has created gaps in the homepage's "Feature Section", as shown in the screenshot (for private viewing). Also, there are overlaps with how the text is displaying, see second screenshot. Would you be able to help with making these images all align and flush? Many thanks