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  1. This is reassuring to hear, and it is a winning attitude that helps build customer loyalty. Thank you for your kind response. And thank you for forwarding my suggestions to your team.
  2. I started developing my website with another theme from another supplier that had so many bells and whistles, it was bloated, and was slow to load the webpages. I need something that loads quickly, and after a bit of online research, found a link to mythemeshop where I purchased the SociallyViral theme. It is sleek and so much faster. I just love its performance. The most extraordinary discovery was the level of support I get to resolve issues and customise this theme. There is an unusually fast turnaround - less than 24 hours, sometimes just an hour or two. And the quality of the support is consistently excellent. I am never made to feel that I am being a nuisance by asking yet another question. This is the best support I've experienced for any theme! There are a few areas I'd like to see improvement:- Written documentation. Currently, there is a video tutorial only, without even a transcript. So when you get started, you cannot go searching for the one sentence you may have missed the first time - your only choice is to watch the entire video again. Personally, I can only bear to watch such videos twice at most. So at the very least, it would be helpful to have a transcript of the video so that users can search on text. The documentation should also include a section on how to display featured images in your posts and pages, and what the optimal image sizes are. Ideally, this should be accompanied by demo pages showing what the possibilities are. Without this upfront guidance, and without demo pages available, a new user doesn't even know what their options are, and it can be bewildering. I went down the wrong path with my featured images, and now, after getting some great support, I have to go back and resize them all. Incidentally, there are a lot of existing posts on the forum on this subject, but the information in them is sometimes conflicting, even for the same theme, and what applies for one theme does not apply for others. Speaking of the forum, it could sometimes be helpful to be able to filter your search to your own theme. The theme settings could use an option to allow you to change the color of your links independently of the 2 main theme colors. Currently, such a change works via custom css in theme settings but doesn’t work properly via the child theme css, so for this reason it would be good to automate it. Thanks for a nifty product and a wonderful service!
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