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    I want to say the support staff is awesome and is really quick to help and doesn't leave you stranded and you truly do want you to succeed . thanks for all you help ,I definitely will recommend you. Thank you you all
  2. Hi, I went to the SociallyViral Free page and clicked on the download and it show arrow turning to download ,but I see nothing happing on my computer , need your help. Also I would like to know what difference there is with the free and the paid version of social Viral and can I if I use the free one as my theme and I decide later to go to the paid one and I have content on the free is it a problem to use the paid and replace the free without losing any the content, I am buying the paid one now for my dog site and want the free one for my travel site. I want to put ad sense and other ads from others including amazon ads on my site ,would this work or would it be better to use the ad sense theme, because I like all your themes. Could you check some siteS I want try to be like, of course viralnova , the DogingtonPost.com, little.things.com , and Dad'sHustle.com, I would appreciate it if you would . I'm excited to get going. David Sipos dsipos16@gmail.com dsipos@me.com