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  1. Is difficult to find support like this in any other sites.
  2. [Bloggie] Woocart theme

    Greetings I am sorry that wrote this in wrong place but couldn't find Woocart option and just entered "bloggie" instead. Do I need to write it in the right place so someone can help me about with Woocart theme? Thanks
  3. [Bloggie] Woocart theme

    Greetings! I am trying to show thumbnails under product image which is the main image at front store view and what I understand, product gallery should be shown as thumbnails but they don't. I watched the WordPress videos "chapter 16 using media library". And noticed that I missing an option where shows different sizes and thumbnails for images "Attachments display settings" On the shot screen example is all the options I see that show in a text format which might be it. On the other shot screen example, is what I would like my website to look like. Thanks in advance.