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  1. First off, it was a hassle just signing up to the forum to post a topic (your signup links on the forum aren't working, they point to your main site). Second, I'm just really confused about the billing process when it comes to purchasing a theme. I was looking at the Ad-sense theme and it says its $59. I go the purchase the theme, and it says that this is only for the first year, it will be $19 for every consecutive year. Why in the world is a theme billed annually. Then I go to read some more on the website. I go to the home page and on there it says "Buy Once, Use for Lifetime". And I'm like, well that makes no sense, because I'll be paying for it every year for a lifetime. So it's more like "buy now, pay forever, use for a lifetime" Then I go to the pricing page. There it says that a single product is between $27-$47. Then I go to the "sign up today" and scroll through all the products and lo and behold the same adsense theme is on there for $47. I'm like they can't be serious. Can someone clarify what I'm getting, with the $59 price vs. the $49, and what this annual $19 thing is? Thanks
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