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  1. Many thanks for your reply ToddMTS , I think ill go for Schema then. Youve been most helpful. kind regards, Alex
  2. Hello mythemeshop friends! I am currently using Splash, a theme wich I am very happy with. But at the moment, I feel like buying a new theme for a new project. The quesion is : I would like a fast loading theme. I would like to use it mainly for affiliate websites. Like with Amazon. Ive been emailing and Bhanu has been very helpful answering all my questions. Also recommended me the following themes : https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Risenhttps://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=eCommercehttps://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=WooShop But I am not sure about the
  3. I just wanted to thank Mythemeshop team and staff for the support and help every time I need it with my webs and helping me with the monetizing issue in comprar un microondas . I am very happy and already created 2 sites using the "Splash" theme and several plugins, and i am already checking for another theme for a new site. Thanks for the support all this years, a job well done and I am always recommending mythemeshop. Keep up the good work!
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