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  1. i bought a theme 19$ in #612339 order by paypal. next day my paypal currensy less 59$ in #612994 order but i didnt want this order. i want refound this payment for me.
  2. I bought the sociallyviral template but was not available for download. what is the problem?
  3. I'v tried many themes from different designers. But when i shifted to mythemeshop themes (SociallyViral), in less than 2 months i'v faced great seo changes. I think mythemeshop themes are great to use both for users and webmasters. Every time i had question about themes,mythemeshop support team answered me in great ways. the only problem i could mention (which is not a big deal) , the appearance of mythemeshop could be better,and that would make a greate improvement. One other thing is I hope mythemeshop designers have plan to add features which can help us in Inbound Marketing. Thank you All Great Mythemeshop Experts!
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