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  1. My Themeshop never fails! The ultimate in FAST tech support, knowledge and downright kindness... Great team!
  2. You can be rest assured that the Tech advisors are expedient and knowledgeable; not only with themes but overall Tech WP skills. GREAT for a NOVICE!!
  3. NEW WORDPRESS USER -- Am deciding between Socially Viral and Authority. 1 - What type of "Review product" application does Viral Use? I like the WordPress Review Pro flexibility. I see this can be used with Authority. 2 - Also, do all the themes have built in "comment" features or must you add a plugin of your choice.? 3 - Last but not least, the WordPress Subscribe Page built into Socially Viral. Unless you hate the theme layout....why would one take Authority over it with the built in features of Social Viral?? Thanks Howard
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