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  1. Hi guys, Just wanted to confirm this wasn't a phishing attempt: However, I went ahead and generated a new invoice for you. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY ANYTHING FOR SUBSCRIBING BACK. Here are the links: Thanks
  2. update plugin

    Hi, Does the update plugin login expire? How often does the login info needed to be re-entered in the update plugin? Thanks
  3. client upgrade theme, extended memberhsip

    What can be done with an API key? Is it just for theme updates. We're evaluating the security risk here. Thanks
  4. client upgrade theme, extended memberhsip

    Good to know, thanks. Is the API key you mentioned specific to the domain the login info was entered on, or is it the same across all domains?
  5. client upgrade theme, extended memberhsip

    Can you suggest a way for us to keep the themes on our client sites updated without having to enter our password into each of our client's sites when an upgrade is needed? Do you offer freely available security updates, without theme enhancements?
  6. client upgrade theme, extended memberhsip

    Hi, Do you offer any themes that won't require the use of our premium account login info to receive updates, or is there is a way for our clients to get updates without our login info?