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  1. Pretty sure Coincompare API is free as well. You will have to optimize most aspect of on page seo and page speed yourself. Below are my suggestions/recommendations for this theme. Also, you have to manually add coin pages in the backend, they don't show up automatically. 1. Improve upon coin price page. There should be some availability to add content between graphs/charts. 2. I don't know what sort of backend coding is there to support coin price pages, but they are not seo friendly, all of data is being pulled through API, but even if data is pulled out through external source, it should render in a way that is does not negatively impact on SEO. Check coin price pages for Cointelegraph.com 3. I would like to see optimized AMP version of coin price pages. Again check amp version of coin price pages on Cointelegraph. 4. There should be main index page which lists all Coins, like coinmarketplace. Thats all..
  2. I want to buy this theme, it was listed at 19 dollars sale, but now it is back to 35 dollars, is there any way I can get a coupon for this please? Regards
  3. Thank you, last question I hope. Is there any way to import coins automatically instead of adding entries manually? And is there any way to add unique chunk of text in each coin page?
  4. Hello Michael, thanks for replying. As for the first point goes, Iit is really important for me to have a Coin Index page with all available coins, because I will be optimizing these pages for SEO and they will be main source of traffic, I need a page with all coins for which I can get links to. What will it take to have a page like this https://cointelegraph.com/price-indexes or this https://www.coindesk.com/data ? Please let me know. Kind regards
  5. Hello, I already have a different theme purchased from you guys and now interested in buying another theme called Crypto. https://demo.mythemeshop.com/crypto/ I have two questions before I buy this theme. 1. Where is the coins main index page? for example page like this https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/list/USD/1 or https://cointelegraph.com/price-indexes or https://www.coindesk.com/data without a main coinindex page it kinds of kills the purpose to buy this theme as it renders your theme incomplete. 2. Is it possible to remove Cryptocompare.com logo/link from price pages https://demo.mythemeshop.com/crypto/ripple-price-index/? the other sites like Cointelegraph do not show external links to sites where they pull their data from https://cointelegraph.com/xrp-price-index I look forward to hear back. Kind Regards Ahmad
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