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  1. I've been with MTS for years now. I have tried a lot of themes as well as the most popular theme builders. At the end of the day MTS is the best. I run 14 sites with 3 of them being top in their niche and over 5 years old. I was very hesitant to do a drastic change but I'm glad I did. Once I switched those 3 from a page builder to MTS my site speed went up considerably, the earnings are up over 75% and the site just looks so much better. Don't get me started with RankMath. I used it while it was in BETA and it has been nothing but great. MTS Team ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am getting this error for my /product-sitemap.xml sitemap When we tested a sample of the URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some of the URLs were unreachable. Please check your webserver for possible misconfiguration, as these errors may be caused by a server error (such as a 5xx error) or a network error between Googlebot and your server. All reachable URLs will still be submitted. *******Please Do Not Share My Website Publicly*******
  3. It appears that rank math doesn’t play well with site builders. I am using Thrive Architect. 1. Says article is 22 words but there is clearly over 200 words 2. Says no outbound links were found. ( I have 4 links 2 follow 2 nofollow. ) 3. Says it couldn’t find internal links. (I added 1) 4. Says I’m not being a table of content. (Incorrect I have a TOC)
  4. We've had a bunch of questions and a few issues and every time we've asked for help it has been nothing less than excellent. The staff got my site running and in one instance updated the theme so that it worked perfectly. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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