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  1. I've downloaded the latest version, but do I have to remove the older version, and then install the newer version? Will I then have to re-do all the settings? Or is there a magic way to update everything? Thank you as always for your prompt answers! Virginia
  2. Dear MyThemeShop, I am reading much scary stuff online about the need to meet GDPR requirements. One requirement seems to be requiring my new subscribers to check that they have read and understand my privacy policy BEFORE they sign up to get my newsletter. I love Subscribe Pro but it doesn't have that CONSENT box. Do you have plans to add it so the plug-in will conform to the GDPR requirements? Thanks so much. Virginia Nicols
  3. Persistence wins in the end!

    My new website using Schema had a little glitch. Nothing serious, but you know, when you buy something you want it to work! I opened a ticket and over the next 3 days went back and forth at least 6 times with support people at MyThemeShop. Each time someone suggested something different (adjust the color; clear the browser, etc.) and each time I followed the instructions -- to no avail. I was getting ready to give up, but the responses came SO quickly and so steadily with such clear instructions that I just had to do my part! Finally, MistaPrime wrote me some extra CSS code and inserted it himself and Voila, the problem was solved. This is a case where a SOLVED problem makes a better customer than someone who never even had a problem! Thanks to everyone who helped! Virginia Nicols