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  1. [GridBlog] Comments on page

    Thank you!!!!!
  2. [GridBlog] Comments on page

    sensitive data added
  3. [GridBlog] Role in comments

    fantastic. this works great
  4. ALl good here

    All I can say is that My Theme Shop has the same quality support even if you are a free member what is great. I know, because I was paid and a free member.
  5. [GridBlog] Comments on page

    Just to be clear, I am asking is possible that comments section looks like this: instead like the default colors (like this
  6. [GridBlog] Related posts by removal

    very good. thank you
  7. [GridBlog] Role in comments

    Any suggestion which one? I was looking before contacting you here
  8. Hi, I would like to remove BY (author name) in related posts. Or Simply everywhere on site. please advise thanks
  9. Hell, besides the name of the person commenting, is there a way to show his role? I have some custom roles there and I would love that they are showin with each person commenting. thanks
  10. [GridBlog] Comments on page

    It is still the same, no difference.
  11. [GridBlog] Comments on page

    OK thanks. One more thing related to comments. Currently, comment section is white with a strong black outline,like here: On the demo version, it looks much better, grey background without a strong outline. It is possible to make it look like this (without a review plugin) :
  12. [GridBlog] Logo link

    Is there a way to put a custom link on the logo? (some other page instead of index page) thanks
  13. I've just noticed that there are no comments section on the page. How can I enable them to be there? thanks
  14. [GridBlog] link font color

    Next happened: On the subdomain, this works, but on the other site it is not. Maybe some other pieces of additional CSS are affecting it? This is all the code I have there. Is something from this in coalision? .postauthor { display: none; } hr { width: 100%; } .main-header .widget_search { display: none; } .wpcf7-form { text-align: center; } .row_left { display: none; } #custommetawidget-2 li a { color: #F26822; }
  15. [GridBlog] copyright

    Great. What is I need to change that part into something else? Is is possible to edit?