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  1. Hi Ben, You d'on't really answer about my question. I open a new post about my problem on https://community.mythemeshop.com/topic/83404-wp-review-pro-review-schema-for-specific-review-item/?tab=comments#comment-401555. Please read it.
  2. I explain. On my website, we test different kinds of products : outdoor shoes, slepping bags, mattress... For each product, I would like to have specific items to evaluate the product. I saw on this video https://youtu.be/wHmBZgiDjX0?t=3m28s that it has "Review Schema". Is it possible to personnalize ? For each review schema, I want specific predefined review item to rate. Thanks for your help Grégory
  3. Hi, I would like to create profiles for my product reviews. For each profile, I would have very specific evaluation criteria. Is it achievable with the plugin in free version or pro? Thanks for your help Greg
  4. Hello, No I don't speak about different items reviews but different reviews in a same post. Like that Article 1: Citerion 1 : 100% Criterion 2 : 80% Criterion 3 : 60% Article 2: Citerion 1 : 60% Criterion 2 : 50% Criterion 3 : 80% etc... Greg
  5. Hi, I use the free version of WP Review. I search to add several reviews in the same post. Is it possible with the pro version ? Greg
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