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  1. Thanks. Straight answers are always best ....
  2. Does Rank Math provide a video sitemap? If so how do we use it? If not is it a future development or do you believe its not useful? (I used to run the premium Yoast video sitemap until I changed to Rank Math) Thanks,
  3. Thanks, This answers my questions for now. Very much appreciated, I will be back! Michael
  4. Thanks for your patience, appreciated. (As a bit of background I've four websites and I'm currently testing Rankmath on one of them (The rest use Yoast), my initial impression is there is a lot to like about Rankmath, but I have to understand how it work, and see it has any impact on my rankings before committing to it for all four sites), so I need answers to what may seem trivial questions! Question 1 I'm assuming the basic idea is that if we have a category, it's useful to ensure that all within that category link back to the 'pillar post'? Which makes sense, is this the bas
  5. Sorry doesn't make sense to me, to understand this I need to understand the full process. For the moment I'm going back to do this manually. Thanks anyway, Michael
  6. Thanks, However I need a bit more of an explanation to understand what you're saying, How's does the plugin choose what is related content and what isn't? Do you have an article on 'pillar / cornerstone content' and what specifically do I need to mark as Pillar content? I assumed (may be wrongly) that I only mark the most important page of a content series as Pillar content. ie I have say 10 pages related to the term 'NLP coaching' I've assumed I only need to mark the most important page as Pillar content, (I'm not aware of any plugins that offer this - although I'm g
  7. Thanks, It's not giving me the suggestions I thought it would. Can you point me to somewhere that explains how it work? On looking at a couple of pages it's suggesting the sites homepage - but not necessarily relevant pages (In my view). I think this is potentially a very useful feature, I may be missing something.
  8. Does Rankmath help me identify similar posts and pages so I can link to them at the end of a post or page. If so how do I use this facility?
  9. I'm using the Schema Theme on 2 sites, and a it's a great theme. However I'm particularly pleased with the support which has always been fast and answered my queries in a way that's solved any problem I've had. I'm happy to recommend them (and the theme), Michael
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