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  1. I had an issue and at first, was tempted to throw up my hands in despair, suspecting that it might take days for it to be resolved (if ever), given that the product I purchased was inexpensive. However, if it could be made to work, it would solve a major problem, so I decided to patiently work with MyThemeShop support and see if they could/would solve the issue. To my surprise and delight, they came through brilliantly - resolving the problem within a very reasonable time to my satisfaction. Later, due to a misunderstanding on my part, I was unable to work through another (minor) issue, and again the support people answered my question promptly through the support forum. It was a most satisfying experience - the plugin I purchased solved a major headache, the support was excellent, and I would buy from MyThemeShop again without hesitation.
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