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  1. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Can't connect my

    I've the same problem. Just installed RM on a new site replacing Yoast, tried to connect my account here and the site keep me telling that the username/password are not correct but I've double checked and they're correct indeed. Thanks!
  2. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Redirection not automatic?

    Thanks, I tought that this was enabled by default 🙂
  3. Using latest version of RM. I've changed the slug of an article and i've imagined that RM would create a redirection automatically from the old URL to the new one but this has not happened so now I've inserted the redirection manually but I'm asking why this has not happened like, for example, in Yoast SEO. Thanks!
  4. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Rich snippets with stars

    Solved, the name has to be wp-review-it_IT.po
  5. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Rich snippets with stars

    Thanks, installed but I've a problem translating it since I've created my language and I've two files it_IT.po and it_IT.mo but the string are always in english.
  6. I'd like to implement a plugin that let me add stars as rich snippets so that the stars does appear in the SERP. Do you suggest a plugin that does what I need and doesn't interfere with Rank Math?
  7. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Problem with SEO score

    Basically I'll wait until I'll be sure that all the plugins I use are 5.0 compatibles since I don't want to have problems.
  8. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Problem with SEO score

    Thank you very much! So, since all my websites are on 4.9.8 you mean that the same mod has to be applied everywhere or just if I have some problems?
  9. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Problem with SEO score

    Sorry, I understand what you means but simply I don't have time to do that. What I know is that before the last update everything worked well and now this problem does appear so it's difficult for me thinking about a conflict or something like that. I've sent another problem some time ago, you gave me the same answer just to discover that was your fault so please investigate further to verify that's not a bug. Thanks!
  10. No SEO available I've 1.0.6 and suddely the article I was writing dropped completely the SEO but if I look at the post list I see SEO 43. Any suggestion?
  11. Yes. That solved the problem. Thanks!!!
  12. I've two sites with RM installed that have visualization problem of the plugin in the backend. This is what I see surely a CSS problem but if you can fix it it's better I think.
  13. Thanks but all my post were optimized since, before RM, I've installed Yoast and all the optimizations were imported from Yoast.
  14. Here's the problem with latest version. In the post list I don't see the seo score as you can see here but if I go and edit the post, the seo fields are filled and if I edit the post and save it, the seo score is correct in the post list. Any suggestion?
  15. andrea565

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Local seo find page problem

    Hello, no, I'm not using any translation plugin. It's strange that I'm not able to select the about page but I've succesfully selected the contact page.