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  1. Dear, I am using Schema theme. I want to have a new theme like a theme from themejunkie. You can see it here Is there any theme like this one in your theme collection? It has different categories appearing with their content on homepage like magazine style. Please suggest if there is any like that.
  2. Hi

    Thanks for your help. I will try it out and will let you know abt it.

    1. and0r1995


      Hey, Alright 

  3. ahmerfa

    Very good support

    I'm very pleased with Mythemeshop products and services. They are very good.
  4. ahmerfa

    Mythemeshop Is Awesome

    Hi My experience with is excellent as they have very good, optimized premium themes and plugins. Support is outstanding and prompt response is received. Ahmer
  5. ahmerfa

    Excellent Support By Mts

    I am really happy with MTS support and response time. They give support very quickly and have very good and powerful products. That's why I have bought two products from them, Schema thema and WP Subscribe Pro plugin.
  6. ahmerfa

    Mts Support Is Fantastic

    I bought a theme from MTS a few days ago and their support is fantastic. I need to customize my theme and they give prompt replies to my queries. That's the benefit of a premium theme.