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  1. Hello, thanks a lot for your answer. Using service have 2 benefits. The first one is the very good looking List Content. The second is I can show all services on the homepage via Theme Options --> Homepage Tabs --> Services. Question 1) Can I have such List Content in a regular page? Please look at this screenshot http://ovo.li/GEU7LM Question 2) Can I show some pages in Homepage Tabs (the Featured images with page title, exactly like the service tab) ? I don't think, that this would work :-(. Otherwise Builders would be almost perfect :-) Question 3) If I
  2. Hello there, its almost the same question :-) My services are courses. I offer programming courses. (Not E-Learning! courses in conference rooms! The Webpage is just to inform my clients, what courses I offer) Should I use a service for each course or should I use pages for the courses? With a normal page I can use my own widget but they don't like so beautiful as the service layout :-) Looking forward your answer
  3. Thank you MyThmeShop Support, you are the best out there! I post a question, one hour later is the best answer there!!! Great!! Thank you very much!
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