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  1. Awsum _ Thank you so much I will get this theme. you guys always rock! 😎
  2. Hi there I am looking at getting the Cool theme for my new girly blog but have a few questions. Does this theme have a featured section? Is this theme WooCommerce ready? If not do you know of a plug in that I could add to it to make it Woo ready? Is there a way I can add text (so I can say what the site is about) just below the nav bar in the content part? Screenshot supplied (where yellow marker is) Can the header height be made higher? Eg - like I have in my blogging site? https://www.zipzapinsights.com/ I look forward to your reply Wendy
  3. In the past I have belonged to other theme clubs and found the support to be nil or limited, slow in responses, and in some instances made to feel I shouldn't be asking questions! So when I was looking for a new theme this time around I was scared I would end up wasting my money again. I purchased my first theme from MyThemeShop a few days ago and already in this short time - I know it's the best decision I have made when choosing a theme provider. Like many other webmasters, when you first get a theme you are busy learning about the functions and wanting to tweak the theme here and there. Each time I have reached out to the MyThemeShop support team for help - They have given me fast, effective support and guidance, and all in a way that is easy to understand. Not only is the support excellent, the tutorials they provide are easy to follow and informative. Thank you MyThemeShop for offering the best service out there, and for giving me full peace of mind that you will help when needed. Due to your excellent support and quality themes I will be a lifelong member! Wen
  4. Hi there Super Moderator I have now purchased the Blogger theme and am ready to have the advertisements above post title - On single post page's Currently I have entered my adsense code in the ad area in the custom panel and the ads show below the post title. Thanks for your help Wen
  5. Hi there Now after viewing many of your stunning looking themes, I have decided that Blogger is the one for me. Can the Blogging theme be tweaked so adverts can show above the post title? Thanks in advance for your input on this Wen
  6. Hi there I really like what the Point Pro theme has to offer in relation to it's appearance and the blogging sections. - but am needing a theme that will also allow me to integrate my Amazon affiliate API products into a usable shop platform. I am confused as to what it means when the information about this theme states 'Built in support for WooCommerce'. Can you clarify what the above means and if this theme includes a shop portal that I could use with my Amazon API products? I look forward to your reply - Thanks in advance Wen
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