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  1. I am looking to buy WP Review Pro. I am looking over the demos. When a user submits their rating is there a way to show the overall rating from users? I look at demos and try to submit my rating to see if it updates but nothing happens on demos? Is there a way to change colors on review templates? Can you use a comparison and star rating on a reviews page at the same time? Can I show overall ratings like the top rated items by users in the sidebar? Can I use this on more than one site? What's the yearly renewal fee?
  2. I use several of your themes already. I really love them. However, I have a question: Which of your themes do you feel works best for SEO? I mean do you have any stats to show that some themes rank better than others?
  3. I am about to purchase the Socially Viral theme. Why is the yearly renewal now $35? It used to be $19 yearly renewal for each theme.
  4. I want to use one of your themes to redesign this site: https://www.vettedopps.com/ Which theme would you recommend?
  5. I buy all of my WordPress themes from MyThemeShop. Their themes are the best on the market plus their support is always there should you have any issues. I recommend MyThemeShop to everyone. No need to look anywhere else!
  6. So I misunderstood and I misspoke. I just want a static homepage. No post are needed to show. I want content on the homepage that will not change like some sites that have all blog post show up on the homepage. I only want to create a page and have it be the homepage so it does not change. Can this be done on Schema Theme?
  7. Is there a theme that has the same speed and SEO benefits as the Schema wordpress theme but allows for a static homepage?
  8. I am looking to buy the Schema wordpress theme. Before I do, is there a way to make a static homepage for this theme and just have some blog posts under the static area rather than just have a homepage with all blog posts?
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