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  1. Hi, I was trying to renew ad-sense theme today. I selected resubscribe and entered my card details and clicked pay. But it didnt charge me any money. Also there were 10 credits available with me, that too was not used.
  2. Every customer looks for a good after sales support and mythemeshop has got it. I'm Manjunath from India. I'm a Mechanical engineer and have zero coding skills but I started a blog last year. And every time I have a small doubt, I post a thread here and within a day my doubt will be cleared. And this is what kept me continuing my blogging. No matter how small or big the doubt is, it will be cleared. I just want to thank the team behind MTS for such lovely themes and support.
  3. Support is the main requirement after buying the product and the guys at mythemeshop give exactly that. Everyone has knowledge and helps to solve the problem.
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