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  1. Hi I'm wondering for the Blogging and Moneyflow, and sociallyViral themes, can you select font weights and line spacing? Thanks, Jim
  2. Hi, These themes look great. Wondering if it's possible (and if you'd help) to create a top image section for your blog themes such as newspaper, sociallyViral,Schema? To go right under the top navigation? What I'm thinking of is like the MoneyFlow (non-blog) homepage top section, although not that many vertical pixels. It wouldn't have to have the ability to add text over it; that could be a part of the image. But it would have to be fully responsive. The blog themes are great, but with just the teeny little logo area, there's not a lot of room for branding it seems to me. Oh and can you add a logo images to all themes, it seems a lot of them are text only? How big should the logo image be? thanks. Jim
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