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  1. Thanks for the replies. But, that is not what I was looking for. So I went with a different company. Thank you, Robert
  2. Yeah, that's not what I was looking for. I wanted a poll that shows say for example: 40% answered this way 60% answered this way. The above link does not do that. Robert
  3. Hello, On your sales page it states that you can convert a quiz into a poll. I would like to see a demo of a quiz that was converted into a poll. But, there's none on the demo page. Also, when you go into the demo admin area it does not let you create any new quizzes. The links do not work for me. So, please give me a link of a quiz converted into a poll so I can see it working. Thank you, Robert
  4. Hello, I'm going to buy your pro version and have a need for a shortcode that will generate a random number. For example: it would be cool to use as a shortcode [randomnumber min=1 max=10000] or any number range really. I think it would be extremely helpful I'm sure to a lot of people. Since I found a couple of other random number generator WP plugins and they have been installed over 1,000 times from what I read on their plugins page. Anyway, hopefully you can add this. I would imagine with your teams talent this would be something that could be done super fast. Thank you, Robert
  5. Hello, I'm trying to buy this deal I was emailed from you guys. "Hi Robert, Get the Best Clean & Minimalistic Theme for Just $9 TODAY! [6 Hours Left Before The Deal Closes!]" See the screenshot I included of the email please for confirmation of the $9 price. Because The title of the email actually states $9 and when I click the link it's $69 and I've been trying for many hours to buy it. The email goes on to say: "Today is a good day for you since you will now get the Best Clean WordPress Theme for just $19! Let me first outline the predefined demos and the features of the newly released Clean Theme." Notice how the price is now $19 instead of $9. Plus, no matter how many times I click the link and sign in the price is NEVER $9 or even $19. I just tried again and now the price is $47. It seems to change no matter what. I've cleared out my cookies and everything. So, I would like the deal that was offered to me but it will not let me. Please help! Robert
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