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  1. Sure, thanks, i just wanted to inform in case you guys missed the bug. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome.
  2. Hi, I installed the latest update of the plugin that said when the sitemap is disabled it will not count the SEO Score, but with the update that did not changed, and the all score is bugged. its only doing 13 tests and it is not scoring properly. you can see the image attached for better understand. as you can see in the image 11/13 is not 18/100 Thank you.
  3. Hi, Thank you, i will tell you when you guys can access it and test. Thank you.
  4. hi, i tried again and did everything as you said above, it did not work, it takes so long to index, really its alright, ill just keep using the other sitemap, i like that plugin. Thank you so much.
  5. Hi, I would like to know if rankmath amp module works with AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages instead of that official Wordpress AMP Plugin (which is not good) I dont want have conflicts before i active the module, so does it work with AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages ? Thank you.
  6. hi, Oh yes, i forgot to tell, the ping option was enabled. Google was indexing with rankmath sitemap, but my problem is that it would index after hours or even days, while with Google XML Sitemap Plugin it would index seconds after posting.
  7. Hi, I would like to change my canonical url to point to the url with the trailing slash. example> my current canonical url points to the url withouth the trailing slash. https://site.com i want to change to point to> https://site.com/ I have a ryte account and this is what they told me: is there a way to change the canonical url, because i cannot find that option on the plugin. Thank you.
  8. yes, i did that before, i add that caching code, but it did not solve my problem, i dont understand why. With Google XML Sitemap as soon i make a post, it shows up on google seconds after, using the command> site:website.com i can check the latest indexed posts by sorting the date. but with rankmath, even with that cache code, when i post something, it takes like 5 or more hours to show on google, thats way to long.
  9. Hi, Will you guys fixed this issue on the next update, because there are a lot of users that use others sitemap plugins. I deactivated rankmath sitemap because after i update the site or make a new post it does not ping the search engines, and its not sending to google, i have to manually submit every single post i made. This is bad because my website is huge and i make at least 30 posts a day.
  10. I Since i had a problem using the plugin sitemap, i changed back to Google XML, the plugin that i have been using for year, never had a problem. My problem is thank when i go to SEO Analysis on RankMath it "No sitemaps found". I dont understand, my site have a sitemap and its working (indexing just fine), why would RankMath say no sitemap was found, is it maybe because the plugin sitemap is deactivated or is something else? please check the attached image. Another problem, does the security issues like; Visible Plugins and Theme Visibility Affect SEO of
  11. Hi, sorry i think you misunderstood, i did not say the posts are not showing on the sitemap, the latest posts are added on the sitemap, everything is there, all the latest and published posts are shown on the sitemap, but the sitemap is not pinging google. let me try to explain better. When ranking math sitemap is activated and i publish a post, the post is not indexed by google, i have to submit manually. every changes i do on the website it does not reflect on google, because i think the sitemap is not pinging the search engines. (cause i submited the sitemap url on search console
  12. i had to deactivate rank math sitemap and install another one, i cannot take this, google only allow to submit 10 link, all the posts i did so far have not been indexed. please if you find a solution to this tell me so that i can reactivate rankmath sitemap, cause i really like that sitemap.
  13. Hi, As the title says, the sitemap from rankmath is not working properly, after i update the site or make a new post it does not ping the search engines (the setting in on) but it does not ping, and its not sending to google, i have to manually submit every single post i made. This is bad because my website is huge and i make atleast 30 posts a day. Oh a saw another post like this here, but the solution was not there, and i am using a wordpress sharing host. Thank you.
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