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  1. Rank Math worked beautifully for me before the last update.. but now it's causing major confusion for my writers. 😕 My lead writer wrote two posts this week. Her scores originally showed 80+ but as soon as she published, they dipped to 47 and there are all sorts of bizarre errors. I've included some screenshots to show this. For example, it says: X Use Focus Keyword in the content. (She did) X Content should be 600-2500 words long. (It's 701) X Use Focus Keyword in the subheading(s) like H2, H3, H4, etc. (She did) X Keyword density is 0. Aim for around 1% keyword den
  2. MyThemeShop is simply the best. The themes and the customer service are absolutely award-worthy. The themes are fast and functional. They load quickly and the code is clean. I've used themes before with clunky code that broke my SEO but I have never had this problem with a MyThemeShop theme. Theirs are superior to any other themes I've used - and I've bought a lot of premium themes over the years! Once I bought my first theme from this company, though, I vowed I would never go anywhere else for themes. There's no reason to. The customer service is quick and easy. When I post a probl
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