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  1. Hi there, This is technically a support question for the Video theme, which is a premium theme but I'm not the theme owner I'm their webmaster so I can't post in that section of the forum. I also didn't feel right posting this in the free theme section either. I'm setting up a contact page and noticed that there is a video suggestion form appearing below the contact form. I searched high and low how to turn that video form off but couldn't find anything, I assumed it was in the page's settings on WP but it wasn't there. I also thought that perhaps it was based on the template being used on the page but setting it to "contact" or "default" has the same result. What I ended up doing was hiding that form in the contact template code itself but I know there's a better way to do that right? I figured I must be just missing a setting somewhere. Thanks!
  2. Hopefully I've picked the right product above but just in case I'm inquiring about the Video theme. I was wondering if this theme was capable of supporting just plain old text blog posts with say a regular image file as the featured image? I'm looking for a theme that can be used for both video posts and blog articles and didn't see a direct example in the demo of what a simple text post would look like. Is there a template for this built in? Thanks!
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