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  1. 4 hours ago, ToddMTS said:


    In this particular, we would recommend that you allow access to the wp-content folder from TwitterBot. Just make sure there aren't any executable files and that you keep a blank index.php file in each folder that doesn't have one already.

    Hope that helps. Thank you.

    That seems a little taxing. Is there plans to make a robots update in the future to solve the Twitterbot issue?

  2. Oh, I still need help and you highlighted my last problem area. What other methods would work instead of allowing access to WP-Content. Ideally, I wouldn't have to do that. But, for some reason Rank Math as it is setup (even by the Guide) is blocked Twitter from picking up the image information to generate a proper Twitter card.

    Any help is appreciated, as I would really like to having something better than my temporary fix.

  3. I might have fixed this issue, but it raised about 900 more questions for me.

    After working with my team, we figured out that after dumping Yoast for RankMath, we lost the direct ability to control our Robots.txt file. Naturally, we didn't think it was an issue. Turns out it was, as I had to hunt down what happened to my Robots.txt file. I still can't find it via FTP, but I did go through RankMath's SEO settings to edit Robots.txt and that's where I'm confused.

    After editing robots, will I have other issues? I just want to make sure I didn't compromise my security to get my images across. But, it worked.

    Here's what I had to add to Robots.txt to get Twitter to recognize my images.


    User-agent: Twitterbot
    Disallow: *
    Allow: /wp-content/uploads/*


    My question remains, will this cause issues for me within Robots.txt inside of RankMath's SEO settings? Basically, I just want to make sure I didn't mess anything up. So, MAIN PROBLEM seemingly solved. Now, I just want to make sure I solved it the right way.

  4. 2 hours ago, Sam said:

    That is strange, could you please try disabling the cache plugin? Are you using Cloudflare?
    Please refer this thread, the same issue is mentioned here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-will-not-activate-19/

    Thank you.


    I've been running around like crazy, but I got a few things solved.

    1) Varnish Cache plugin was preventing the Activation. Got that solved.

    2) Ran a test post with the new update and THE PROBLEM REMAINS. No featured image goes over to Twitter. Featured images go over to other social platforms.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Montgomerie said:


    The latest build is not available for download yet as we had to hold it until we fix an issue with the SEO tests we run.

    However, I tried logging in to your website and replace the current version of the plugin but it seems like I do not have the permissions.

    Can you please add a capability to install and delete the plugins so I can install the latest version? Or you can wait for a day or two till we release an updated version and you can update on your own.

    Either way, looking forward to helping you. Thank you.

    Ok! I updated the settings for the login and you should be able to install/delete the plugins.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Sam said:

    Tried creating a draft post and I can see the same issue, it is little strange as the same steps are working fine on my setup.

    Unable to debug as I don't have full access to your site.

    I would recommend, please wait for a couple of hours, we are going to release an update. Once we release the update you can test with the latest version.

    Thank you.

    Cool! Yeah. I don't know if it's a version hiccup or whatever. I had you set to author and my other authors can edit. Do I need to beef up your access role?

  7. OK. I'll reiterate my point. When using Rank Math just in the latest version. This is something that didn't appear in the prior versions. When I post over to Twitter, it refuses to attach an image. It doesn't matter if I use Jetpack, Crowdfire or Bridgy...a feature image won't carry over. But, it will carry a feature image over if I do it by hand.

    Top image is posted direct from site. Bottom is by hand. This just started happening when I installed the latest version of Rank Math. The prior installs never had this issue.




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