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  1. This has been a happy experience. Started with buying a single theme and plugin. I liked the design, features and support so much that i decided to get the all access upgrade and never looked back.
  2. I am not sure if it is ok to mention themes that users used before they purchased a theme from MyThemeShop but i will say i was running the TOP selling theme on themeforest and dropped it to use the Blogging theme. In short, after ridding myself of the other theme and installing the Blogging theme and regenerating my images my site has sped up a full 33%. Now that is an increase huh. Well done friends.
  3. Just purchased the Blogging theme and the WP Mega Menu and am so very excited to see this theme running locally. Online it is very fast and eye pleasing and the Mega Menu has all of the features i was looking for. The best part to me is the demo data which will answer a lot of questions as far as setup. Many thanks for your time in making these very nice plugins and themes for us Wordpress users. Makes everything so much easier.
  4. I love the Blogging theme and the Mega Menu, my only question is how often are themes and plugins updated to keep up with Wordpress friends ?
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