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  1. Thanks, MTS.

    Thanks, MTS. Great themes. Great support. Great guys.
  2. Perfect. Yes, that helps. Thanks.
  3. Hi, MTS. I just have a question about thumbnails that show on category archive pages and on the homepage, if you choose to have the homepage show posts. If the post does not have an image, the archive pages and homepage for the original version of Great show a big, gray 'No Preview' image. Is there any way to prevent this 'No Preview' image from showing for posts that don't have an image, so that just the text stub summary shows? My site is likely to have very few posts with a featured image, so there will be a lot of those 'No Preview' placeholders on my homepage! Thank you.
  4. [Great] Original version; logo breaks header

    Hello, Jitendraa. Thank you. Something along the line must have helped. Now it seems to be working. Thanks.
  5. Hi, MTS. For the original version of Great, when I add a custom logo, the logo breaks the header section in posts. I thought it was perhaps the size of my logo, but I tried by making a same-size duplicate mockup of your GREAT logo to test, and the same thing happens. Please see the attached sensitive data URL where you can see the logo adds space and breaks the navigation menu at the right, pushing it down. As you can see from that attached URL, this is unlike your demo https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Great where it's perfect. Thank you.