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  1. I don't find the "sensitive data"section! Is there any other way to help me fix this problem please because I don't want to share my login details? thank you Vasiliki
  2. From there I did . Blog pages show at most ,,,I set 9 posts and syndication feeds show the most recent ...I set 9 items although not sure what is this about... The thing is that it posts 9 plus 9 but the same 9 duplicate!
  3. Hello and thanks for your answer. no, I put at the settings of this theme 9 articles ( with their pictures obviously) to be published at the homepage but instead of 9 pictures they appear 18. These 9 posts are published 2 times at home page! Is there any solution for this?
  4. I don't find the way to put here my screenshot. Can you tell please how I will do this? Thank you Vasiliki
  5. I bought and installed the SociallyViral v2.1 theme but I have an issue that I can't solve. In my website homepage (www.travelstomars.com), it appears the posts and its pictures two times. What can I do to have my posts shown only once? thanks
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