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  1. Thanks for answering I just bought it, now I will go and write an excellent review post and promote this anniversary offers.
  2. https://mythemeshop.com/pricing/ Here it says Extended and a single product, and after I click I want to buy anniversary membership, it says 167$ for a year. So what kind of membership do I get? Full access to everything? And I can have this forever? I mean, next year I just pay another 167$, and again I have it for 1 more year? And are there some hidden costs? Do I get support for all themes and plugins? Please answer because I am interested in buying, not really need it, but the price is good, so I buy. But still, I need answers to this questions because I will be making a post about your anniversary deal.
  3. Like many others posted below, the best support. Fast and fix everything. Well done. I m looking to expand my buisness so i can become full time member.
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