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  1. The staff is always helpful and quick to respond. Everyone is friendly and very prepared. I'm happy to have chosen you. Thank you
  2. Hello, I would like to buy all themes and plugins (extended membership) but I have not figured out what is the cost and if you need to pay the annual renewal. I have already bought other products from you and I should get a discount. Thank you
  3. Hello, if I wanted to buy all of your themes and plugins, which is the cost? I would also like to know if there are extra fees for the annual renewal. I have already bought 2 themes and plugins, and I should get a discount. Thank you
  4. I purchased the theme Scheme and I am very satisfied because Shema is a very versatile and intuitive theme. Suitable for experts, and even for beginners. I will continue to use it and to amaze me the infinite possibilities of developing new projects. Special thanks to the staff of MyThemeshop for the help, expertise and continuous availability.
  5. I keep thinking of my choice. The team is always ready and kind. They are all very well prepared and incredibly fast to respond. Thanks, guys, congratulations.
  6. Excellent service. The staff is always ready to respond quickly and cordially. I am increasingly happy to have purchased a theme from mythemeshop. Congratulations, nice work!
  7. I am creating my first website with wordpress and I'm very happy I bought a theme from mythemeshop. Their team is always friendly and the support is very efficient and fast. Thanks for your help
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