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  1. Hi, thank you for your reply. No, I have not received your email replies. I have checked spam religiously and nothing. Could you resend them to this email isop3 at yah oo dot com It's the same email address, but yours through your system are not showing up. I would appreciate it. Thank you, Patrick
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply. I just sent an email to your contact us. I had sent 2 there previously with no reply. Could you ensure someone replies to this one. Thanks! In response to your answers; 1. With the Pinstagram theme, I can't place ads in the text with that theme unless I get the in post ads plugin correct? 2. Of course I care about mobile, it's over 50% of the traffic now. So, I need to use Google adsense responsive ads for them to look like they are supposed to, correct? 3. I have a friend that wants to get a few of your products. You have a free theme that he likes. Are your free themes well supported so they don't break? Thank you, Patrick
  3. And one more thing. I don't want to miss out on my discount of 70% because I was not getting any response. I don't think that's fair. If I had these issues and questions resolved I would have bought. Thank you, Patrick
  4. Hi, It looks like you have good products, but I've had some challenges that I need help with and a couple questions. 1st the challenges. 1. I was looking at the theme steady income. On my computer for the last responsive demo to the right (the smallest one) that you have to demonstrate it's responsiveness doesn't display it properly. The image of the man only shows the back of his head and the wall behind him. So, I went to contact us on your site and asked that and a couple questions. I had no response. A week later I got an email saying my $5 credits would expire. So, I asked the questions again in your contact us. That was over a week ago and no response. 2. I went to log in today because I got that email of 70% off. I couldn't log in. It said error. But, when I went to sign up as myself it said there was already a member by that name. Of course, it was me. But, I couldn't log in. So, I created a new membership using a business facebook account I have in another name. I need to be able to log into my main account. Now The Questions. 1. I like your Pinstagram theme. I looked at ad placement and could not determine if this gives me a short code so I can place the ads anywhere. Or must I buy your plugin in Post Ads? 2. With the plugin In Post Ads, can I place a link ad? They have always converted well for me. 3. When using In Post Ads do I need to use Googles responsive only ads or can I use regular ads? The reason I'm asking is, their responsive ads only have a couple sizes and it's limiting. Thank you, Patrick
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