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  1. please delete, I posted in the wrong forum
  2. Thank you so much, I'll download it now and test tomorrow
  3. Thank you Mladen.i, I was actually composing a support ticket after finding out that the main feature I was looking for wasn't there after trying and searching the forums, and I got back here to get this thread URL to reference MistaPrime's reply and my inquiry -including a graphical representation- to claim a refund. But apparently I misjudged the whole team for a single moderator's error. Hopefully the update will be as good as the rest of the plugin's features. Best regards, Off3rz
  4. Is the support after purchasing the plugin any better?!
  5. This replies only one of my inquiries, could you please help me with the others so that I can decide whether this is the right plugin for me or not? Thank you so much for your understanding and time! btw, the above shortcode doesn't work with the free 3.3.5 version, are you sure it does with the paid one?!
  6. I'd like to know if I could make the only way to review (rate) a custom/post through posting a comment, and if I could display the average of all users' comment ratings in my theme either through a shortcode or a function. Further more, could I stylize the output of the average of the ratings? I've uploaded an image to represent what I want to accomplish in case my English wasn't clear, please check it http://cl.ly/293W1v173c2J My final question would be about RTL compatibility.
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