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  1. I do not want to replace my theme today. I am just askring since I am a pro member, I thought I might have the right to new themes for free? I do not know exactly what I am paying for. Sorry.
  2. Hi, I have MoneyFlow today, but want to start a new homepage with a new theme. Have I understood it correctly that I can select another for free due to my subscription? If so, which themes can I choose from?
  3. Hi, Soon it will be one year since I bought my theme from you - moneyflow. Will the support be over after one year? What can I do to keep the support?
  4. Thank you! I am not able to paste my screen shot (not even in the recommended square that pops up). Can I mail you? Or I try again to explain (my english is however not perfect...): In MoneyFlow: Below the big header picture ("Moneyflow is all you need") is a picture with "65 Beauty trips&tricks...", and below that is three pictures with articles - here I wounder if it is possible to change a picture/article to a product that I sell in the shop. And when the customer clic on the picture/ad, she will come to the product in the shop. BR Stina
  5. Hi, Is it possible to change one of the articles/blog squares at the start page to show a product in order to make the customer clic and come to the shop? Is Paypal the only payment for this theme.? Is it possible to ad for example Klarna. In the articles I write, can I refer to products in the shop and link directly there? (maybe a stupid question, but I want to be sure it works) BR Stina
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