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  1. Hello in the best day. We are very very happy with the 3 themes we purchased from MyThemeShop they are great in functionality and great on Mobile but what we really love the most is their support, the guys on their support team go above and beyond to resolve any issues, sometimes issues that do not involve the actual theme we purchased they will suggest fixes.. it show their dedication, and their fanatic way of helping people. Great team great company, I will recommend them. AlvaroMartha ChristisaWoman.com Network
  2. Hello in the best day... I downloaded and installed SociallyViral in my Son's website: rogerthatreviews.com and how can I make look exactly as your SociallyViral Demo looks? I did the steps above and it didn't work... Let me know please.. AlvaroMartha
  3. Thank you for given your support above and beyond great, always friendly and responsive. Thank you, and will buy more themes from you just because of your great support. Thanks AlvaroMarta christisawoman.com
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