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  1. PS. I posted this issue in the PRemium Ps. I posted about this issue in Premium support yesterday to which there was no response.
  2. Hi guys, I am not receiving a solution/response from customer service with regard to upgrading to Extended Membership, this is now day 3 of the issue and I feel as though my requests are now being completely ignored. Whatever the reason for this, it is not acceptable to deal with paying customers this way. Very disappointed to wait 24 hours for each reply even though I reply on the spot to each email, then to receive generic emails which do not address the issue and a further email with a broken link to a"payment gateways". This is surely not standard practice and I suspect the CS
  3. Hey, I was hoping to buy the Single SV theme today but wish to buy the full extended package in a few weeks time. Can you do this without having to pay extra? ie. Can I purchase the single theme and then still get the discounted price on the extended membership Pay $47 now and $120 in two weeks Thank you,
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