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  1. Back in late 2015, I had an idea to make a content mill website for poetry analysis named https://poemanalysis.com. I needed to spend a ton of time and effort getting the website good SEO, lots of content out there, social media channels, a freelance team to help me create content and more. Starting a website, from past experiences, takes a lot of effort at the start especially getting the theme and features of the website right. Yes, you are always going to change and tweak things here and there. But, standing by a theme which you can say 'this is going to be the theme for at least the next ten years', well, that is tough... But then I found mythemeshop and the wide range of themes and plugins they have. It meant that from day one, my website was exactly how I wanted it to look from the get go - something I did not have with any other website I have created. As well as this, by far the best thing is the support. I am finding myself tweaking things to add new features to my website - all of which the team have been great support with. So, on the whole, mythemeshop have been brilliant. I can understand I am subjective since there are many other WP themes and plugins out there. However, I would highly recommend you don't waste your time and go for mythemeshop.