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  1. Hi! I have 2 (in fact 3) pre-sales questions, just to make sure I buy the right theme. 1. We'd like to show our product features right on the homepage. Is there an easy way to use images and/or any kind of markup in the homepage slider? In the screenshots it looks like there is only text possible. http://demo.mythemeshop.com/moneyflow/homepage/ 2. Does the theme support hierarchical categories? We plan to use parent categories like /a/, /s/, /p/ and child categories like /tutorials/, /finance/, /management/ We don't want to display any parent categories on the site. I guess that's not a problem on the homepage but 2.1 How are they displayed in the blog's breadcrumb navigation? We would prefer: Home > Finance > Blog Post Title instead of Home > a > Finance > Blog Post Title BR, Alex
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