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  1. I have now tried the demo some more and looked at the video.

    As I see it the theme is missing something that other coupon themes have.

    There should be a "stores" type where you can add this data

    - Store Name

    - Custom store heading text (h1)

    - Store text decription 

    - Store url

    - Store affiliate url

    - Support for seo plugins for this type

    The stores should then have  urls on the theme like this 



    When you then start creating coupons you must have the option to select what store it is related to.

    So you have both the option to select categories and what store the coupon is for.

    Then when you vist www.couponstore.com/stores/amazon you will see all coupons related for that store.

    The reason for this is that you what to optimize for keywords like "amazon coupons". And the best way for this is to have landingpages for every store.

    There should also be the category landing pages, but the stores type and landingpages is needed. 

    I would buy 5 site licens if this was made possible.




  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I have this site today https://www.rabatbanditten.dk/ and looking for another theme.

    But I am not sure that the Coupon theme have what I need. 

    I have some more questions.

    1. Does it have a page to list all stores with logos.

    2. Option for users to rate the stores and this rating is a review snippet for google. Or can it be done with plugin ?

    3. How do I categories the different coupons when categories are used for the store landing page ?

    Thanks for the help

  3. Hi,

    I see that coupons are related to categories and these have a landing page. Do the stores them self have a landing page ?

    Like this: www.domain.com/stores/storename

    And do this pages show all coupons related to that store ?

    I ask this as my sites needs to optimize for "storename discountcode" etc. And for this to happen every store would need a landing page with text + images and all the coupons related to that store.

    Also is there a all stores listing page ? where you can see alle the names / logoes of the companies ?

    / Tobias

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