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  1. Hi, That sounds great. How do we continue from here with the changes needed ? Thanks
  2. I have now bought a 1 year 5 site licens. Hope that the above is possible. As the theme is cool but is missing this part.
  3. I have now tried the demo some more and looked at the video. As I see it the theme is missing something that other coupon themes have. There should be a "stores" type where you can add this data - Store Name - Custom store heading text (h1) - Store text decription - Store url - Store affiliate url - Support for seo plugins for this type The stores should then have urls on the theme like this www.couponstore.com/stores/amazon www.couponstore.com/stores/mythemeshop When you then start creating coupons you must have the option to sele
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have this site today https://www.rabatbanditten.dk/ and looking for another theme. But I am not sure that the Coupon theme have what I need. I have some more questions. 1. Does it have a page to list all stores with logos. 2. Option for users to rate the stores and this rating is a review snippet for google. Or can it be done with plugin ? 3. How do I categories the different coupons when categories are used for the store landing page ? Thanks for the help
  5. Hi, I see that coupons are related to categories and these have a landing page. Do the stores them self have a landing page ? Like this: www.domain.com/stores/storename And do this pages show all coupons related to that store ? I ask this as my sites needs to optimize for "storename discountcode" etc. And for this to happen every store would need a landing page with text + images and all the coupons related to that store. Also is there a all stores listing page ? where you can see alle the names / logoes of the companies ? / Tobias
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