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  1. Since purchasing my first theme the support team have helped me at every opportunity. They have never failed to raise the bar compared to other sites. Response times are amazing and i'm never left hanging around waiting. I've only been here for less than a month but the impression i have already is likely to keep me here for years. Keep up the good work guys you have a loyal fan right here who will be pushing your products not just for the quality they provide but for the family they bring us into!! Much love!!
  2. ok well as the price appears to have gone up can you remove the promo code so i can go with the original $47 price please. Thanks
  3. That put the price up not down. The first link you sent me showed $47 now it shows $59. The promo code was for a reduction not an increase in the price?
  4. that appears to come up ok however i have a promo code also so how do i apply that at this link? Thanks
  5. I've tried in edge, chrome and firefox but all i get is the green loading page that then doesn't go anywhere
  6. I'm trying to purchase a theme from your website but the page will not load and will not let me purchase nor can I find the wordpress theme called ecommerce on themeforest?
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