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  1. I like the minimal version of the Schema theme, but I have a question about it. Is it possible to insert the e-mail sign up box like the one on the HowTo theme into the Schema theme? I am talking about the box that says "Get More Stuff" in the HowTo theme and would like to insert it into the Schema theme if I decide to purchase that theme.
  2. Thank you for your quick response. Sorry for the confusion, I am new to this. I was asking if there was a way to remove some of the featured images, but not all of them. If that is not possible, then removing all of them might be the way I have to go. Also, will those changes work on any of the themes available, or only certain ones?
  3. Hello, You have many great themes here to choose from. There are a few that I am looking at, trying to narrow them down to decide which one I am going to purchase. I noticed that all of them have images for every post or article. Is there a way to modify the themes to where they do not have to have an image for every post? Is there a certain theme that this is possible on? Images in the sliders or for feature articles are fine, but I didn't want to include an image for every post or article. Thank you.
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