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  1. I noticed this theme comes with the Rank Math SEO plugin built-in. I'm not interested using this plug-in. Does this auto-install - is there a way to ensure it doesn't install? Thanks
  2. I noticed pagination is not displaying on mobile screens, nor is it displaying on the iPad in portrait position. Is this by design or a bug? Thanks in advance.
  3. I was looking at the Reactor demo and noticed an issue when attempting to view more content on the main pages. There's nothing there. Is this a bug? I am including a link to page 2: Page 2 The same goes for all "next" pages.
  4. I noticed some posts in the paid plugin forums concerning issues with the WP Review Pro plugin after recent updates. Can you tell me if all the bugs have been worked out in the latest version and the plugin is working as it should without any issues? Thanks!
  5. I just noticed the latest update of WP Review Pro now includes the ability to define specific schema types. The changelog only shows a few that are available: Added Option to define Review Schema (Ex: Book, Movie, Product etc) Can you please provide a full list of the schema types that are now available with the new plugin? I've been looking forward to this update. For example, is the Recipe schema available? Thank you!
  6. You can apply custom CSS like this to set the color: .wp_review_tab_widget_content .tab-content li { color: #F5F35D; } Where #F5F35D is - simply define the hex color of your choice. The color I included is yellow.
  7. I'm not interested in the theme, I am interested in purchasing the WP Review Pro plugin. My question has to do with the WP Review Pro rich snippets. When a recipe page is indexed in Google, if that recipe has the recipe schema as in the above image I referred to, the listing in Google also displays the star rating and an image. This is only possible if the WP Review Pro plugin has the recipe schema. I looked at the WP Review Pro demo, and the image used to promote the plugin shows a Google search result with stars and the recipe image. So, I'd like to buy WP Review Pro, but I need to know if it has the rich snippets for recipes? Thanks in advance!
  8. Any chance of getting an answer on this? I'd like to get the plugin, but I specifically require a plugin that includes recipe schema for a foodie website. thanks.
  9. I noticed the sample you're using to promote WP Review Pro appears to show how a WP Review Pro item will appear in Google search. As you can see in the image below, the schema being displayed as a sample shows a recipe. In the case of recipes, Google also displays an image with the star rating. I'm interested in picking up your plugin. Can you confirm the WP Review Pro comes with the recipe schema as you appear to be advertising?
  10. Can you tell me if it is possible to display ads on the homepage? I don't see any clear ad spaces for leaderboards and or big box banners.
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