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  1. Hello My theme will be renewed in a couple of days. I would like to see the amount of the renewal. Thanks and kind regards
  2. Thanks for your help and service. Outstanding customer service. Congrats and Merry X-mas in advance to all of Mytheme shop team. Alejandra
  3. Hi to all, My current theme Adsense will expire tomorrow. I would like to renew it but I don´t know how to do. Do I have to buy it again or is there a way just for to renew it? If I buy it again, I will loose all my current settings on the theme. Thanks Alejandra
  4. I´m very satisfied with Mythemeshop team, they always resolve promptly all my doubts and questions. I´m spanish and sometimes I can´t find the wright words to express my problems, and this team goes beyond their duties and also give me support and help me to identify the problems. I recommend 100% Mythemeshop.
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